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holy fuck it was AMAZING im just gonna tell the story bc im so hyped right now like i was really sad when i went to work the next day but i was SO HAPPY TO FINALLY SEE THEM AFTER 5 YEARS OF WAITING ok story time and il ltry and use good grammar and im gonna use pictures so its gonna be long as HELL just be warned (this story takes place Aug 22. 2014 at the Southside Ballroom in Dallas)

     I woke up at like 6 and got ready and stuff and left around 730 and went and picked up my friend, who’s never been to a concert before. She was my map, conveniently telling me where to go god bless. So first things first, go eat breakfast so we dropped by an iHop and ate but we were both too excited to eat so i barely ate anything but that waffle was hella good and i want it back. So then we drive around trying to find a gas station bc i feel like i wont have enough gas (i barely went down a notch to and from dallas btw) listening to Bad Suns and Coldplay and all was great. We get on the highway at like 9 and get to Southside by like 950/10 am.
    So we walk out and i have a blanket in my bag and snacks and stuff and theres maybe 15/20 people in line already but everyone was spread out so it made the line seem longer. So we get sat down and my friend pulls out a fucking deck of cards GOD BLESS those cards are what got us through the day tbh. So we sit there for a few minutes before we have southside staff tell us to not wrap around the building but to sit out, where the sun is, i hate them for that, image
     We sit there for about an hour before a tour bus rolls in (we think it was Youngblood Hawke) and I remember that I’d forgotten my camera in my car so I go and get it but then I see like 10 people crowded where the bus went in, I get vaguely interested, so I call my friend who was watching our stuff to come and meet me and we go up and it turns out that this was the back of southside and this was where the artist entry was, so after 5 minutes people leave because they figure that patd ybh or wtm would never come out so me and like 4 other people and my friend stay and then this really punk rock girl comes over and is like is there an invisible barrier? So im like yeah idk lets walk back there and then we walk back into this lil alley and its nice and shady and its awesome and then there’s like 8 girls including me standing there just talking and then Zack hall (the most popular of the PATD crew) comes back and i’m like wtf and hes like did security send you guys back here bc i guess they heard people talking and we’re like no its just shady and nice and then he leaves and comes back and security tells us to go back in line and so we walk back like the walk of shame and sit there for a while longer absolutely dying in the heat 
   At this point i haven’t peed in like 4 hours while drinking a shit ton of water (i don’t think i’ve ever consumed so much water in one day before tbh) and the punk rock girl asks me to go find a bathroom with her and i oblige bc the restaurant requires you to buy something to use the restroom so we walk around the block and find this FANCY ASS hotel and we walked in and it was like jesus purified me ok and we find the bathrooms and ive never been so happy to pee in my life and it was fancy as hell and amazing and then we sadly walk back to the line
    More people have shown up at this point and its like high noon and im tired of the heat and warm water bottles so i go in the ‘saloon’ and get a water and thank jesus i got paid hella bank that day.
     So then its like 1:30 and theres 5  hours till doors and my friend that i met on twitter and her friend finally get there and they bring cold water god bless  and then i notice im getting a lil red so i hide like a hermit under my jacket even though its 5000 degrees outside (celsius or Fahrenheit take ur pick its all the same rn) and we go inside to eat food and then we sit on the porch and played some cards and then like an hour later they start moving everyone up??? like 4 hours till doors stfu and 102.7 shows up and like sets up and then abandons the table lmao and then we sit in the shade by the front doors and play heads up and cards (we’re /cheating/ front of the line btw) and i had so much trouble getting these fucking things and everyone had to help me guess GREAT WHITE FUCKING SHARK god damn i was turnt but then its like 3 hours until doors so i go and chuck my shit in my car
         And then i hear noise??? like??? music???? PATD??? and so i kinda sit there listening and FUCKING PANIC AT THE DISCO IS BELTING MONA LISA so i literally SPRINT back to my friends screaming and crying like holy fuck theyre sound checking right now and we sit there playing cards listening and they sound checked mona lisa, bohemian rhapsody and then my friend gets up to see what song they’re playing now and she starts crying and they’re playing Collar Full so me and like 4 other people go over and just listen and cry and i videoed it and its on my vine and it honestly restores my strength for a bit
       and then we kinda just go and sit down and then these girls that got there at 12 am bless their souls were like y’all know y’all aren’t the front right and were like whatever and they keep talking about us like whatever and honestly by this point i’m a fucking lobster and a mess so i go under some shade and then another one of my friend finally fucking shows up and then my friends follow suit and we sit there 
       Then Zack tells us to get in a single file line so we do and then the girls that got there at like 12 am were let in to get signed posters and like everyone else was mat at them but honestly? They were there forever and wed only gotten there at 10 am so kudos to them. And then at this point we’re very front of the line and its 30 minutes to doors and they make us back up and we’re literally singing Let Me In by Grouplove and we’ve made friends with everyone around us at this point and then they let us in and i make my friends go get me and my other friends shirts while we rush to get a spot in the crowd and when we touch the barricade i cry a lil bit bc this is the front we are the front and all stress left my shouldersEmbedded image permalink and we are hella close to Dallon and Dallon is my bae.
       Soon enough I’ve made friends/talked to just about everyone around me and we talk about 5sos and twenty one pilots and the 1975 and patd and everything and we make friends with the security guard and he showed us the official patd setlist Embedded image permalink
        (the red marks what songs the co2 is blasted) And then Youngblood Hawke comes on and I’m hella pumped bc I love them so much and so does my friend and we rocked the fuck out and I made eye contact with Sam Martin from YBH and Simon Katz too and then Simon throws my friend their setlist after their set and crew is taking shit off the stage before walk the moon and then crew threw out the setlist and then my friend catches it and she gives it to ME AND I HAVE YOUNGBLOOD HAWKES SETLIST LIKE im crying right now writing this image
        Walk The Moon comes on and EVERYONE rushes up literally CRUSHING us fronters but its ok bc walk the moon and the only songs i knew friday were Anna Sun, Tightrope (bc its on Saints Row 4) and I Can Lift A Car, (bet u im obsessed with them now) and then i get a selfie with Kevin Ray the bassist and fuck he is so sexy god damn image        They finish their set and im hella pumped but also very squished and i start to feel faint and throughout walk the moon crew came by and squirted water into everyone’s mouths and gave some people the drumsticks that were left behind god bless but yeah i guess i didnt handle being absolutely mullered against the barricade so im literally about to cry and god bless the guy next to me and the guy behind me they were so concerned and tried to help me out but no matter what i wasnt leaving my damn spot i couldve fainted right there and i wouldve woken up to be like no leave me here this is once in a lifetime thing for me so i suck it up but im just quiet now saving my energy for patd and throughout patd crew gave everyone water and Ive never seen such a dedicated crew to keeping everyone safe god bless
       So the intro starts and im finna bouta shit my pants right now and then the guitarist and drummer comes in bc theyre pretty much filling but they’re still rad and then DALLON COMES ON AND WE ARE FREAKING THE FUCK OUT LIKE HOLY SHIT DALLON AND BRENDON COMES ON AND VEGAS LIGHTS STARTS PLAYING and im crying right now literally tears because 5 years of waiting and during the show Dallon and I make so much eye contact its so gr8. Also i think Dallon could see how unstable I was because squished god bless him. And brendon was talking at one time but we were calling for dallon and he told us to shut the fuck up bc Brendon is talking so we were like but we wanna talk 2 u and he starts throwin out his picks and im so upset because i didn’t get one but yeah also the guitarist stood on that lil platform and i was a CENTIMETER AWAY FROM TOUCHING HIS GUITAR but i didn’t bc short arms and Dallon kept sticking his pick to his forehead and i was like yo boi u got something on your head and he was like the fuck? and took it off and we shaRED A LAUGH guys me and Dallon shared a laugh.
     I also didn’t do anything during the end of all things, i kinda just sat there and actually cried and i think Dallon saw how emotional i was getting. Like this band has been apart of my life since Fever and I was always too young to go see them but finally i got tickets and im so incredibly happy and ecstatic and this is a story i will tell for years and years and years. Honestly the best concert I’ve ever been to.

 I was trying to film as much as i could but my ipod died at least 7 times but i was also trying to watch as much of the concert with my eyes as i could. This is an insta video form Miss Jackson :):):):)
   They play Sins and the guy next to me tells me its the perfect time to get a selfie with Dallon bc id been trying all night but it never worked and then finally i got him in the frame im so ugly here but its ok bc i think its the most hilarious picture Ive ever seenEmbedded image permalink
    So me and my friends catch up after the show and we go outside the artist entry but crew said they havent been meeting people all tour so i posed with my friends drumstick from YBH Embedded image permalink and i couldn’t be out after midnight bc law so we just went home and cried about the concert.
     and so i get home at like 1230 and my dads like hooollly hell youre burned and casually i. take a selfie. i look so beat up here. i felt it too. that’s 10 hours in the sun right there.(it was worse on my arms and feet)Embedded image permalink
and casually sit with my mom and cry about how amazing it was and show her videos

   Bohemian Rhapsody
   Vegas Lights
   6 second Compliation
   I write Sins
   This is Gospel
   Nearly Witches
   Nearly Witches Pt. 2
   Time to Dance
 I’m still crying about this concert. I went to work the next day looking like a lobster, and then went to school looking like a lobster but its ok because i had a rad story to tell. I really wanna follow the people i met in the crowd on twitter because they were all awesome and i only know one guy’s name but if you saw me tell me your twitter and lets be friends bc that was an awesome hecka night. Ok so ima put a bunch of extra pics below this cut :)

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alert alert alert time to talk about my life again in updates so interesting must read 10/10

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yes oui


let this be a treasure among all. this is me. that is dallon weekes from Panic At The Disco. Thats me, front row. taking a selfie. with dallon’s legs. me. patd. im sunburned


let this be a treasure among all. this is me. that is dallon weekes from Panic At The Disco. Thats me, front row. taking a selfie. with dallon’s legs. me. patd. im sunburned

can we please talk about how awesome the beta maps are

for those who have seen blaine or JJ or anyone else from rooster teeth address me as kelpyrae, that name is gone now! bleh. my name is now an homage to my favorite band ever, twenty one pilots.

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hey guys! whats been up lately? :)

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jhonnykiller45 asked: "i hope mini sentries get buffed"

same but at the same time its a good challenge

credit to anon

credit to anon

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my ass hurts so bad

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thanks!!!! but techincally it wasnt a thing about being picked, me and 534 other people happened to get the perk in under a few seconds and burnie decided to just let all of us have it. i love that guy.

i was one of the 535 to get the one shot perk for rooster teeth, which is basically, a small cameo role in lazer team, lunch with the cast, a tour of stage 5, merch and some other awesome things. and it turns out all of us get to go. im freaking the heck out