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can we please talk about how awesome the beta maps are

for those who have seen blaine or JJ or anyone else from rooster teeth address me as kelpyrae, that name is gone now! bleh. my name is now an homage to my favorite band ever, twenty one pilots.

adding the newest selfie to my collection ft new hair

adding the newest selfie to my collection ft new hair

iluvbudder2003 asked: "Hi"


hey guys! whats been up lately? :)

so im seeing panic at the disco in a month and 4 days im


Anonymous asked: "I was playing med and I was third on our team from kills with the ubersaw"


jhonnykiller45 asked: "i hope mini sentries get buffed"

same but at the same time its a good challenge

credit to anon

credit to anon

sane-soldier asked: "Congrats! Also, DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT OK?!?!??!?"

my ass hurts so bad

racwade asked: "Grats on being picked for the one shot! :)"

thanks!!!! but techincally it wasnt a thing about being picked, me and 534 other people happened to get the perk in under a few seconds and burnie decided to just let all of us have it. i love that guy.

wooweee 200 more followers until 3000. until then, im going to try and make the A list on kim kardashian hollywood

i was one of the 535 to get the one shot perk for rooster teeth, which is basically, a small cameo role in lazer team, lunch with the cast, a tour of stage 5, merch and some other awesome things. and it turns out all of us get to go. im freaking the heck out

thepenisliquor asked: "When you're playing CTF and a random person accidentally picks up the intelligence and wanders around aimlessly either not realising they have it and not listening/not speaking the same language as those telling them to drop it or being too stupid to know what to do with the intelligence."

i do that on doomsday like ill be runnin around and suddenly everyone and their dogs are targeting me